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Rotary Club of Manama

24 Jul 2011

Good afternoon ladies & gents,

Today, I got the opportunity to speak about our crazy adventure to India.

Venue: Gulf Hotel Convention Centre.

Audience: Rotary Club of Manama members.

I started by introducing the race and the team. As I saw the shocked faces there I took it down a notch to talk about what we've done so far in terms of preparation:

-logo design by our lovely Rama Salem

-website design by equally as handsome Emad Naeemi

-list of vaccinations needed (about 8-10; we're going w/ 4)

-route planned (google maps style)

-facebook, twitter set up

Then I talked about the longer list of things that we still have to do, which includes securing a sponsor.

We didn't dwell on that for too long, but I hope there is a way for us to work with the Rotary Club, especially because they are heavily involved with the local Bahrain Diabetes Society on a variety of projects.

Peace in the Middle East,


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The Blue Camels

The Blue Camels

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